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Picture this: It was a typical Minneapolis Saturday in early January and a day off from my full time job. With routine housekeeping complete before noon, I left my aged 2 story house with a basement to run a couple of errands. Less than 2 hours later, I returned home to a disaster in progress. As I walked in the door, I could hear a significant amount of water loudly flowing from an unseen source. On the main floor, water was gushing through many of my ceiling light fixtures, onto some of my furniture, covering my beautiful maple hardwood floors and onto my new custom kitchen cabinets. I frantically called my sister & brother-in-law for emergency assistance as I searched, found, and turned off the valve of the water pipe that was releasing massive amounts of water on at least 2/3 of the 2nd story oak hardwood floor, through the main floor and into at least half of the basement. A water hose under the kitchen sink in 2nd story had come apart.
We grabbed every towel and bucket available to try to minimize the damage but the water continued to flow through the ceilings for several hours. In the meantime, I had called Dan to see if he could come over to assist with starting the drying out process. He was busy with another client but would be over as soon as he could. Within a couple of hours, Dan arrived with his equipment. We talked about the areas impacted and Dan went to work to begin the drying out process so damage could be minimized. I was amazed at how professional, efficient, competent, and empathetic Dan was. My initial level of anxiety was extremely high, as you might imagine. By the time Dan left that day, I felt extreme relief and trusted that Dan would take care of what needed to be done. He is a great communicator! He took considerable time to explain the process and to answer our MANY questions. He did not leave that day until well into the night as he wanted to do as much as possible. In the end, it made a HUGE difference. There was no need to replace any of my hardwood floors or kitchen cabinets. A few furniture pieces did need to be replaced but this was unavoidable regardless of being able to dry them out. All things considered, the damage was minimal due to Dan's quick & effective response. In fact, when I was discussing this with my insurance agent, he asked if he could use my story as a perfect example of how such a disaster should be handled!
Thanks to Dan! I would not hesitate a moment to call him again if I needed his assistance.

Incredibly easy to work with. Anticipated my needs before I even knew them. The crew was exceptional, they treated all of my belongings like they were their own. I absolutely recommend them with NO reservations.

Jon T.

Minneapolis, MN

Amazing service! From the first phone call to the end of the job, I was thoroughly impressed. Extremely professional and reasonably priced- I would highly recommend this company for any job. I've moved a few times over the last few years and I've never been so satisfied with the work quality and value as I was with Dan and Daniel.

Michael D.

Minneapolis, MN

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, we accidentally filled our 2 front rooms with smoke from a fireplace. Strong smoke smell. After opening the door and putting up fans didn't help, my husband called Catastrophe Contents. They came that night, evaluated and set up an air-cleaning machine for the night with a promise to return The next morning. They came on time, worked for several hours, thoroughly cleaning our 2 rooms. I had mentioned the previous evening that I am sensitive to perfumes smells, so they actually brought 3 products that I could smell and choose. We ended up with no smoke smell and no perfume smell either. Pleased with service. We hope that we never have a larger catastrophe, but would definitely call them again if we did

Ginny J.

Minneapolis, MN

I had two moves: first one to storage for 2-3 months and the second to a permanent location. Dan gave me a quote for both moves, plus the storage cost (which he set up for me, so I didn't have the extra hassle of figuring out storage). He came over before the move to look at what needed to be moved, took measurements so that there would be no surprises on moving day. He returned another day with boxes for packing and labels with the names of the rooms where each box goes. On moving day, my items were wrapped carefully, placed in the truck and moved to storage. He even placed all "like" boxes in the same location in case I need to go to the storage unit to retrieve something. Feel very comfortable putting my possessions in Dan's hands.

Mary D.

Minneapolis, MN

When I called Dan he responded immediately to my request for a thorough cleaning of my living room and kitchen ceilings. When he came with his equipment, I was so impressed with the care and efficiency in which he maneuvered his scaffolding and managed to return my ceilings to a "like new" condition. He was very careful with my personal belongings, protected all my furniture, and left my home very clean after a thorough vacuuming. Dan is a very professional person who clearly takes pride in his profession.

Cathy K.

Minneapolis, MN

Dan and Daniel were phenomenal. They were punctual and completely prepared. They ensured all sensitive items were packed properly, helped close and tape boxes and found a way to get everything in our UBox/ in the garbage. They went above and beyond in so many ways and made our moving process so much easier. Unfortunately, I don't live in Minneapolis anymore but if you do these guys are top of the line quality. Don't keep looking. Hire these guys immediately.

Lea W.

Minneapolis, MN

A great hard-working crew. The owner was so professional and engaged with the whole process of moving. I would recommend to anyone Dan did what he had to get the job done! stayed until the last box and piece of furniture moved. Also cleaned up after the move both in the house we moved from and the new house we moved into! Very nice.

Nick Z.

Minneapolis, MN

I could not ask more from anyone than what Dan has provided to me in my water damage emergency. He responded immediately, was extremely sensitive to the urgency. He is very professional and easy to work with. His employees are hardworking and eager to please. This is definitely a 5-star company.

Jeanne S.

Minneapolis, MN

I have to say in all honesty that Daniel and his employees are the best. First, I spoke with Daniel, and he immediately responded to my call. He was punctual in responding to my messages and all other details that I needed to know about his company--wonderful person. Second, his employees are awesome. They came to my apartment and they did all the moving. Both of his employees came on time, and they did everything right. My wife and I were well pleased with their service.
This is undoubtedly a 5-star company.

Mowlid A.

Minneapolis, MN

Absolutely wonderful restoration service... professional and super quick!!! Will be using you guys again! Thank you so much

Raquella G.

Minneapolis, MN

If I want someone to show up on time- work hard- careful with your items when moving- be on budget -then you better call Dan!

Brad P.

Minneapolis, MN