Find a Water Damage Restoration Company in Minneapolis, MN

CCRCS has the Tools to Mitigate Your Water Loss. We will Continue to Monitor your loss daily until we can verify everything is dry.

Is your home flooded due to a busted pipe? Call the professionals at Catastrophe Contents Restoration & Cleaning Services LLC right away. We offer water damage restoration services in Minneapolis, MN. We clean up water damage caused by issues like leaky pipes, overflowing washing machines and sewage backups.

We'll do our best to save everything we can. You can trust us for structural repair company recommendations. Call us right away at 612-442-4444 to dry out your property.

Learn about our water damage restoration process

Learn about our water damage restoration process

We have a wealth of water damage experience. Drying is a science. We utilize state of the art instrumentation to identify what structural components of your home is wet or damage. Based on that inspection, we remove the water and remove what can't be salvaged. You can count on us to get your property as dry as possible so you can start on repairs. We'll:

  • Utilize state of the art instrumentation
  • Remove things that can't be dried
  • Use dehumidifiers to dry out the area
  • Photo document the affected areas

The longer you wait to schedule water damage services, the worse the damage could become. Reach out to us to schedule your appointment. You'll have a dry home or office in no time.